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im so glad august is ending!!! freaking hell HATE AUGUST!!!!! i wish august never ever exist at all!!!!

《步步惊心》 Bu Bu Jing Xin ~ Official OST 片尾曲 《三寸天堂》

im in love with this drama ~  this beautiful song ~  and this lyrics which really suits what i wanna say now ~

停在这里不敢走下去  让悲伤无法上演  下一页你亲手写上的离别 由不得我拒绝  这条路我们走的太匆忙  拥抱着并不真实的欲望  来不及 等不及 回头欣赏  木兰香遮不住伤  不再看天上太阳透过云彩的光  不再找 约定了的天堂  不再叹你说过的人间世事无常  借不到的三寸日光  不再看天上太阳透过云彩的光  不再找 约定了的天堂  不再叹 你说过的人间世事无常  借不到的三寸日光  那天堂是我爱过你的地方
what do you see here? a rather disturbing picture of hands reaching up from hell ~ are they begging for help ? are they trying to escape from hell ?
before you taste the sweetness in heaven ~ you will need to experience the torture from hell ~
do you believe in karma ? i do ~  believe in the entire cycle of cause and effect ~ believe in the consequences, actions and reactions ~ believe in one sow goodness, one reap evil ~ and it will slowly creep into you ~
as quote,   like gravity, karma is so basic we often don't even notice it ~ dont look back ~
when was the last time you traveled somewhere that changed who you are and 
how you see the world?

someone had a very big influence in me 3 years ago ~ a trip to anywhere which i never knew that i could go solo ~ a trlp to anywhere which rules out shopping except sighseeing on the list ~ a trip to anywhere which allows me to understand that country ~
and here i embake on my own second solo trip ~ a country i never know that will be on my bucket list ~ a place where i have never though i will be heading towards ~ a place with no shopping and just sightseeing ~ a place so near yet so far ~
Chiang Mai ~ 
a beautiful city with over 300 temples ~

p/s: will blog more on it soon =)

i wish nothing but the best for you ~
HappyIndependence DaySingapore
Heres to the OT nurses  standing for hours *holding your bladder* ~ all the shouting/running/grabbing for stuffs along the corridor ~ for coiling the wires ~ smelling the fresh shit out from the intestines ~ wiping the testicles ~ holding on to a hugh "assets" ~ for dropping one of the bone used for grafting *ops* ~ inhaling the formalin used to preserve specimen ~  counting gauzes every hour every min ~  for making sure each needle doesnt drop anywhere ~ getting "our eggs" cook once a week ~ dozing off during an op ~ protecting ourselves against infectious case ~   for mopping the floor, cleaning the wall ~ being scolded by the surgeons ~ opening the wrong things ~ dropping the one and only last item ~
neverless whether you are a male or a female ~ working in any departments ~ anywhere in the world ~ as long as you a nurse ~ you will always be one ~
Happy Nurses Day !!!