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bear with my blOg as it gOtten be a lOng 1~
inject myself with some anethesia~
and immune myself for the whOle 72 hrs~
it began tO wears off & i'm still getting a bit sleepy~
got intO a recovery pOsition before maklng way back tO the rOom~
sO here it gOes dUring my 72 hrs of immunisation~

watch dEad maN chEst~
arh ha,simply lOve jOhnny dePp~
*wInk wInk*

next mit uP with Sher,MikE & JJ~
*back to 1 mth ago place*
updates on each other life's~
once again,all bEcome single again~
is tat a gd or bad thing,or the 'in' thing now erhm~

chilling oUt at
1stly,mikE was teaching sOme predicting cards game~
*on u & the 1 u like*
i was freak out~
it was sO true really sO true~

2nd, Sher was teaching on using a ring & a strand of hair~
*on how many children u'll have & if its a boy or gal*
haaa,not bad i'll have my 1st bOy fOllow by a gal =)

dOlng on mlke

3rdly,mOre excitment cOming uP~
play 'dai ki' card game which i dUnno but pick up slowly~
lOser …
my smile is back~
i'm still staying strong~
finally i'm having my off till aUg~
will be gOing into dissappearing act~
bUsy for the past 2 days~
GSS ends means nEw stOck arrlvEs~

pack finish heerEn~
pack mS~

at least the stOre lOoks much more better~
new deslgn clOthes,new blazerS etc & last of all more HAVAIANAS~
*yEah but that is selling @ MS only*
i'll still bE stUck @ fOurskin~
cant job-hOp~
cos i need the $ to go taiwan*sad*~
need the $ to get mp3~
*will be getting 1 sOon*
need the $ to do a lot of things~
anyone can spare me some $ haaa~

life is 10% wat happen to u & 90% how u respond to it - anonymous
i just realise~
tml is the 7th mOnth~
i'm gOing wakebOard on fri~

nO worries~
i prOmise i'll bE fine~
chlO bU gracE~
thankz for sms me~
i'm fine too~
when did i start lOvlng glass bOttles~
i dunO~
i just know,thEy are sO simple,pretty & nice~
although fragile but if u keep it nice & well~
small,big,tall,short,different shapes~
thEy are still as beautifUl =)

friends whO knows mE well~
knows i simply lOve it & will get it for me abroad~
thankz =)

my cOllection

sOng for the day~


my heart breaks

i pluck up my courage~
i bare my heart out~
i free my mind~
*i've nv lose my pride like this b4*

i know i'm silly~
but at least~
i'm dOne with all~

i'm awaiting for tuesday tO come =p

i just realise~
since then i've not been in ur blog before~
nv even once~
now u'r willing to blog out another her~
she must have a great influence~
i did something silly just now after work~
i run to & fro just to get that thing~
at last i got it although it might not be the same again~

call me silly or whatever i dun care~
had a fruitful day at hOme~
did what i really wanted tO do~

2 DIY shoes done~
quite satisfy with it hee =)~
*going to do more haa*
Shessh~i'm addicted =p

which is nicer???

had some craving for pasta~
while flipping thr some mag ytd~
sO had my ingredients bOught today~
decided to have it make a simple one & healthy one~
call it the 'Fruity Yogurt Pasta'

been a week~

back @ the same workplace~
*due to last min change again*
back the same bus stop with the same late arrival of bus~
back @ the same playground~
but without u this time~

no worries~
i nv expect anything~
i just wish time turns back~
to where we can still go out & joke ard in the future~

for a moment,i also though......

is my predictions always accurate~
i say i want tO get the purple havanianas~
and gUess what,i really gOt it~

my pretty havanianas =)

i say Brods will be out~
and well,i'm right~
*my own judgement,sori to offen any brOd's fans*

can i predict my own future~


had a nice shOpping day with Elaine~
we almOst spend all our $ haa =p~
too bad u'll be back~
update me ya ok =)
*and i'll promise tO do the DIY shoe for U haa*


thankz for the swt rOse dlOn~
brighten uP my day =)
i feel like quitting end of the mOnth~
finally NUM open @ Cathay~
hOpe i can find my purple havanianas tml~
*damn,have been lOoking for sOo long*
i've a red nose from all the tannings~
perhaps that can hide away my sadness~
pass by palawan today~
wao~cant imagine~
sO nice build since 2 yrs nv been there~
perhaps another nice tanning place next time~
since sunset bay has move away~
went for Superband pre-record live~
*plz dun assum its a live broadcast,FAKE*
all grps were strong~
but i still like MLB & sOul now haa~
*i'm sori jie~J3 is not in my list hee although thEy are from MF*
cab driver pass a road today~
*where i rush to meet him after attachment*
even the most 'cant pass by road' also pass by liao~
*what more can i say*
am i really fine???
had a nice tan tOday~
all thx tO Elaine's aust tanning oil~
lame =p~
*but shit i've 2 different tanlines*

nice meeting ya Elaine & Jing~
anD yesh i'm sOri to heard abt urs too~
we're tearing apart again~
bUt nO worrles this time we'll graduate tOgether ok~

met uP with another prl sch friend~
fOr din with her-gOing-tO-be-hUbby @ ECP~
*ECP,where's memories flOw back*
happy fOr u gal that u'v fOund ur happiness~
*no worries i'll be ya prl sch coordinator =)*
plnnlng fOr ya ROM in nOv =)


everyone is telling me the same thing~
its just a short while~
what for~
u think wOrth it~
*but seriously u guys nv know ... & hOw much eff...*

can someone give me a hug~
just a hug to assure me~

what u did is v.cruel to me~
are u really sorry~
i hope so~


i'm ok fast~
*u thInk i'm serious or am i lying*

dOesn't mean i dUn like or love U enOugh~
there's a lot of things before u've nv know~
i just kept quiet about it~
*cos u'll nv know how much i ...*

or sld i ask u how much u love me?
*u've not answer my tat question yet*

i've cry enOugh ytd nitz & today~
on bus~
dUring wOrk~
dUring dInner~
*isn't tat enough*

i wanna bE strOng
i gotten bE strOng
*tat's what u want me to be isn't it*
sO i seE no pOint in clinging for sO long~
*u'll be much more happy to heard that ba*

dun break ur promise to me again~
i still wanna learn the 2 skating from u~
take care =)

dear friends : pardOn me for all the crying~
i promise my smile will be back sOon =)
my 6th sense has always nv failed me~
this time its true again~

WC ended~
sO does our r/s~

y does it always seem so fragile~
y does my r/s ended earlier & earlier each time~
i still wanna try on but y do u wanna give up~

i've so much things to tell u~
but my mind seems blank tat day~

i've some plan in the coming days~
but its always goes wasted down in the drain~
is it that i sldn't plan anything at all in the 1st place~

we've so many things haven do~
and i though we'll do it & u'll teach me~
but nv will it be again~

finally this world cUp has cOme to an enD~
mUst adapt back tO the usual slping habit~
france wOn~
sO did i & everybOdy ba haa~
awaiting fOr the finals tO come~
Italy & France~
*hopefully this WC end faster sO...*
oN 4 jUly indEpendent day~
anOther new life camE intO this wOrld~
his namE is Xavier~
yEah~cOngrates Grace Jie~
shall seE the baby in a mOnth's time~
*grin grin*
did my Pilates~
getting rUsty & tired easily~
ever since haven bEen dOing it for sO long~
gOt my ceramic cUrl irOn~
mOre perm cOming uP~
*wink wink =p*
last sUn grandfather *father side*bday~

this sat aH gOng bday *mother side*but i cant attend cos gotten wOrk~
cant even take 1/2 day off=(
pOstpOned wakeboarding sesslOn~
someting crOp uP~
its seEm i'm not getting anything dOne~
sO shall get it done tml~
sPotlight here i cOme tml =p~
and perhaps shall dO my owN shOpping ba~
wanna get some tops & a nice dress i saw =)
*shall try oUt tml*
times uP nOw~
for some DIY session on my accessories~
=) tata!!!
feels sO nice to have a car~
whEn u can drive ur loves ones arOund~
drive my family oUt for breakfast~
drive U around too =)~
*hOpefully my driving still can make it =p*

although its just a while~
but tat's enOugh =)
walking back along the same pathway~
although its just gOing back to sign something~


back the same blk~
but its seem sO unfamiliar to mE~
especially thOse unfamiliar faces~

halz i hate it~
really dread gOing back~
cOs alone again~
especially lUnch time eaing alone~
sCh fOr me start aUg~
sO time being~
gOtten wOrk~
dO some of the things i wanna dO~
mEet uP with sOme Old friends~
enrlCh myself erhmm with nOvels~
anD etc etc etc
everyday i'm pinning for enD aug tO cOme~
cOs i wanan gO taiwan~
i wanna enjOy~
i wanna bUy a lot of things~
i lOve wOrking at heEren nOw~
cOs more fUn over there~
bUt slan~
bOss wants me tO work more @ MS & far east~
cOs i can sUpervise mOre~
ah blea…
it sld be sweet but it turns out the other way~
i still wanna try on~
and i hOpe u dO~
i did my 1st perm~
anD it tUrns out wEll~
anD lOoks nice~
feel likE hOpping tO FlEsh-Imp~
dUn pSychO me anymore jImmy~
oUr 1st rental car~
sO chlO man~
althOugh a lot of on-lOokers at uS~
*especially gUys bleahz =p*
i managEd tO drove at a speed of 120km~
haa *wInk wInk*~
bUt my parking still sU*ks~
*cos no more pOles for me to see haa*
wE gals managed tO find our way tO changl villagE~
withoUt anyone hElp *thUmbs uP*~
we've almOst travel uP tO all the expressways haa~
we've alsO lost our way tOo hee~


tat's for all~mOre cOmin up tml =)

p/s:oH ya wakEboarding next weEk~
anyone wanna joIn mE~
msg me!