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A trip to Iceland can be like an expedition to another planet. Sure we may have all the creature comforts of home but this country is unlike anything that i've seen before and road trip travelling around is always an adventure for me to discover. Because seeing iceland has never been more excited.
Almost everyone that comes to iceland touch down at Keflavik international airport. I was surprised having the thoughts of what would the passport "chop" of iceland be like? Something that would be interesting to keep as a memory in my passport. However to my disappointment, after collecting our luggage, we are simply out at the arrival hall with a big sign on top "Welcome to Iceland". So that's it? no chop, nothing??

Most of the travellers will booked a 4x4 Super jeep to start off the journey, however through our own research, a 2-wheel drive is good enough for us. We tailor our own trip and plan our own itinerary jaunting around the famous Golden circle and the Rin…
Iceland is a mystical and beautiful destination ~  I had dream of heading to iceland, when i first saw the music video of a taiwanse flim there ~ 
To me, Iceland is labelled as a place with lots of ice ~  Never the less when i did my research on it ~ It 'wow' me a lot,  almost half of my bucket list was strike off when im there ~ 
Iceland is home to the mountains, waterfalls, geysir, lava fields,  black sand beach,volcano and the Northern lights!!! my jaw dropped and my heart skip many beats!
I was pretty excited for this trip ~  never had i heard that much people had visited iceland before ~  Getting gear up, looking at windbreaker, down jacket,  trekking shoes, heat pad etc etc ~  omg, i was almost going crazy looking at the amount of stuff to get ~
Months of researching and discussing with my travel buddies ~  that day had finally came ~ 
*to be continue* 


Somewhere out there,
i believe everyone has a torn in their heart ~
and i guess this date is one of my torn~ 
As the journey goes, who we travel with is as important as our destination! 
I may not have gone on many road trips ~  But by far, this is the best ~ 
We crack jokes, we sing in the car,  we cook every dinner,  we soak in the pool, we stay up together to chase aurora,  We pee in the open (well, not me) &  we dance in the snow ~ 
Iceland is a real beauty in our eyes ~  It has been a month since my trip~  will be back to blog about it soon! 
不知不觉五年了 ~