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the alert has turn orange~
not coded yet~

i was told to mask~
but im not~

Pandemic outbreaks like this is and getting worst is really no laughing matter.
Please take good care of yourself friends~
See a doctor immediately if you are feeling unwell~
i love morning sUn~ i love morning breeze~ i love morning quiet seat~ enjoying a cUp of coffee~

beEn working too hard for the past few days~ totally drained~ im glad my 2 new gals are good~ i totally enjoyed working with them~
we can discuss or talk anything under the sun~ no secrets nothing at all~
sometimes i cant believe that you actually backstab me~ for nothing i've done~ for crying for the whole month of march~
for this & previous job~ i make good friends~ i lost good friends~ im just upset why & how it turns out this way~ life is tough~ so this is life~
i love cinnamoroll~ sOooo cute~ thank you to both 'vin' =p
some sUper belated pic~
~ Prawning nitz ~

~ mOvie date ~

lastly these pic are for my ladies who are crazy abt Z.....

1st and also the last time of nitz cycling~