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6/6 life

It was not a bucket list but a to do list for lets say 7 years ago ~ Something which i avoided for years ~ Ever since i watch the 'final destination', i always had this impression of  being left on the lasik op table and not knowing what to do ~
(we had to have a specs selfie at our workplace first)

Finally on the 11th May, pluck up my courage with my twinny and go ahead for it! We had this plan out few months before.  I never had problem with any infections of my eye because i took really care of my lens (i cleanse them before and after daily) ~ But then yes, its a bothersome to always got to ask friends to help to buy contact lens from thailand ~ (im using Maxim colour lens which is cheaper in thailand)
Another is travelling ~ Yes, i travel often and its really troublesome to count my daily lens usage for my trip and  the bottle of solution to bring on. 
People wonder why i dont go to SNEC since i'm a singhealth staff ~ But then the waiting time and the op usually wouldn't be the s…

Heideberg ~

Heidelberg is the fifth-largest city in the German state &; home to the oldest university in  Germany with roughly quarter of its population dense more to the student
Booked this Airbnb due to its beautiful scenery from day till dusk ~ It was getting a bit warm in Heidelberg! 

Sunday in Germany is totally a rest day! Most of the shopping malls, shop are all close while the tourist attractions are open cater to tourist which includes  some gift shops and perhaps cafĂ© and restaurant.  So Sunday is the tourist attraction day! Visited the Heidelberg Castle!
Located 80m up on the norther part of hillside,  either a funicular railway or the traditional climb up steps. I choose the latter because when you look back, the view is dying for!

The castle has a history almost as old as the city itself. The castle is a combination of several buildings surrounding an inner courtyard,  put together with a haphazard look. Each building highlights a different  period of German architecture.


Heading towards Germany now ~ 1st stop - Cologne (Koln) Located within the Rhine-Ruhr German's largest metropolitan region ~
I felt like I'm in a Roman town ~ The tallest and widest Gothic Church which blows me away! Its the first time I need to stand a thousand steps away just to squeeze the whole church with the twin spiral into my picture!

Through TripAdvisor, i managed to found this local restaurant Gastwirtschaft Lommerzheim in Koln! When we arrive outside the restaurant, we felt like the smallest persons walking through  their pub and down to the underground seated area ~
I simply cant rave how good is the food! From the continuous serving milk glass of beer to their starter to the main course! I have not tried anything like this before hence when the starter was served on 2 toast of bread, I smell and look at the serving of chopped onions (I hate onions) on it. The moment, I had a bite! Oh gosh...the meat was raw and amazingly onions was sweet. Goggle the name Metthappen which stated a…

The City that Connects ~

Amsterdam, as far as i know it for its flat landscape of canals,  tulips fields, windmills and cycling routes.
But well, then i realise that there has been a lot that has been said and written about Amsterdam so its time to experience it myself.
Stepping into the most liberal city in the world where no one ever say no,  from weed to sex, there is nothing that Amsterdam doesn't offer. It is not exceptional for a person unacquainted to Amsterdam to be a bit concerned about the safety and security considering it is the famous sex and drugs capital. Surprising, it turns out to be one of the safest places that i have been.

As Amsterdam boast about their arts to some of the world's famous artist like Van Gogh, even if i do not appreciate art nor am I a museum person, visiting one of this place consider myself checked into Amsterdam! But hey, I do really like the Van Gogh museum and understand  his personalities, his history, his family and his arts! 

This is a medieval aura filled …