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i want to roller-blade~
i want to ice-skate~
i want to wakeboarding~
i want to cable-skii~
i want to sail~
i want to hike~
i want to camp~
lastly i want to get out of spore~

but halz~
everyone is buSy~
sch starting soon~
i guess u'll be more buSy~

yrs ago~
i was told that i spend my time with friends more~
ive changed~
but now~

i'm bOred till~
i clicked all my friendster testimonials and read it once again~
here are sOme of it which means a lot to me~
especially this by Chin Jie *only & the last one =)*

Chin Jie JackSon : 24/3/2004
peili ar.. peili ar... she a nicepretty, kai lang girl who i known herduring my school holiday as we work attaka... She is a promoter there topromote softtoy that attract alot ofcustomers...hehe... not bad huh...After we left taka we continue tocontact each other... She is one of thewonderful girl that i met... Not craps lo... mUst believe lo... Peili, jia youwor in your future path... Must keep incontact wor...i dun wan to lose a goodfrend like you.... Take care gi…
i sld be savings instead~
but i'm spending~

but what tO do~
GSS is here~

just bOught side carrier bag recently~
anD now i'm aiming another adidas sling baG~
bUt its sO nice tat i cOuld't take my eyes off it~

still in finding fOr a cHeap bid~
p/s:Huixian,i miss the previous bid,sO heartache~


yEsh finally~
sO happy~

although i'm getting the 2nd ex tic but the price i gOt is 1/2~
SHhHhh *winkwink*
shit,i'm spending again~


yEsh finally ELAINE~
You are cOming back liao~
arHa~i miss U sO much hee~
i mlsS our gathering time + clUbbing times~
sO ya MOS next wEd *_-


timetable iS out~
different from my friend~
halz slan~
cos i'll bE alone again~
i cancel everything~
just for the day~
i'm dissappointed~
p/s: daddy own u a prezzie~=)

for a miracle sometimes~
but there's always none~
yesterday matCh of enGland~

sO nice~
so funny~
sO exciting~
perhpas the best 1 i've seEn
aNd tat cauSes~
what happEned me tOday~
boDy ache~

MC 1 day~

cauSes is by the indigestion maC i've eaten last nitz~
i gUess sO~
everyone is mad on the wOrld cUp~
guys more i sUppost~
anD perhaps i'm the few gals that watch~

nv really bet mUch~
but i like tO seE the way the player score a gOal~
its nice ^_^
i guess i'm learning or trying to be a nice person now~

trying to be more tolerant~
trying to be more patient~

perhaps i've been a bad person in the past~

that causes me to lost some things!

trying to stay positive too =)

191) Don…t give up on the world just because you have taken some very hard falls.
192) If the first time you don…t make it, try again!
193) Know that pain, struggle, and loss are three of the best teachers you will ever have.
194) Imagine being a bird and soaring above your problems.
195) Set off fireworks to celebrate moving on with your life.
196) The happiest people are those who think the most interesting thoughts.
197) Listen to your favorite piece o music during your most stressful periods.
198) The really happy man is the one who can enjoy the scenery when he has to take a detour.
199) Make a list of your top three faults and then get busy getting rid of them.
200. Know within your heart that you can handle anything that life se…
sometimes a msg can means a lot to someone~

it can brightened uP ur day~
yet can simply pUll u dOwn~

msg someone today & let them know~
to brigtened up their day today!!!

to be frank~
if i say i wasn't sad anymore
i guess i'm lying~

if i say i'm not crying anymore
i'm still lying~

i know being sad or cry is not used~
but i cant help it~

today,i put on a front face meeting the rest~
seeing them collecting their uniform~
starting wOrk next week~
toking about graduation day~
i kept silent~
cos i cOuldn't join them~

p/s: thankz grace & zaf for the tw,bkk & tioman present!

lavender's from tw,i like it =)
my own cOllectlOn
nothing much more to say~

sorry Elaine,i broke my promise~
to be frank~

i'm very afraid now~
very very afraid~
hOpefully my immune system is still wOrking wEll~
cOs just gOt in contact with a contaglOus pt~
damn dOc,nv say early~
to ask those whO haven had chickenpox tO stay away!!!

1 GOOD + 1 BAD NEWS....

Good news is~

after 6 weeks of endUring~
thOse hardshlP,bUlly time,swt time,bUsy time~
will bE ending sOon tml,my last day in AH~

almOst have my tEar of joy drop when sister annOunce to me~
ya as what my SN say~
today its my big day
really thankz a lot to all AH Ward 11 staffs~

dun ask me where i'll bE heading~
i'm not sure~
i just wana take a short break 1st~
and decide later!


BAD news is~
although i've pass this attachment~
but my theory last paper result is not out yet~
anD yesh this is my main concern~

i'm scared~
really had no idea what i'll do if i really ......
hOpefully this paper~
will really walk me to my last path of 3 yrs of nursing!

i'm praying!