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thank you 2011 ~

for all the nights i have to go through thinking of the past ~ for a rebound feeling which make me realise my mistake ~ for a little changes being influence in my own travel plans  ~ for all the beautiful moments i cherished with my family ~ for all the times i sob and become stronger ~  for the new friendship i befriend with my pretty colleagues ~ for a new perspectives & new horizon in work ~ for the amazing feeling of stepping out of the circle again but remain unmoved ~ 
for the tears or smile i had to make sure someone is happy as it is ~ 

thank you 2011 for giving me a new meaning in life ~
May 2012 be an even great, bright and happy year ~
好好珍惜2011年最后的时光, 因为你不知道明年你会多么想念这个时候。  希望2012会更好~
human beings are just a bunch of living species ~ antomy physiology male  female gender roles life cycle personality traits emotion culture language self reflection society  and lastly  love?

成熟,就是能承受很多不确定的事情并存在生活中。 但晚上仍能睡着,起床后仍然能兴高采烈地去外理每一件事。 成熟,就是能承受快乐和悲伤并存在生活中, 快乐时不悲伤,悲伤过后也能自己快乐回去。
running has become a routine or should i say hobby or just a way to keep fit for me. everyone runs,be it long or short distance or just even chasing the bus when you know you are late for work. i started my first run with Standard Chartered in 2007. but it has never occurred to me that i can join marathons and run till today.
i admit i don't train regularly for my run but at least i don't complain that my workload is pilling up that i dun even have the time to run. maybe just a 30mins short distance run as compare to you sitting in front of your laptop and facebook without anything done! or maybe just a 30mins run could get your work done even better after that, isn't it great?
sometimes i ask myself what do i exactly run for? for a medal, for an achievement, for health?
some people says that they find it very foolish and waste money to pay just for a run. ask yourself, do you get up everyday to run or perhaps once a week? do you put aside all your complaines of workload and tiredne…