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last 2nd day of NY 2006...

u might thOugh i'm here tO blog on my past 2005 & my NY resolutions...
tat i shall leave it out in few days time 1st...

my main prioity now is...
i wiSh tO appeal anyone or my friends oUt there tO help pRay & fOld paper crAnes!!!
i've a friend whO has only 2 more mths left bEcos of cAncer!

i and a friend jUst wantEd tO help make ard 1000 paper cranEs...
tO wISh fOr a miracles fOr him!
i know this's impossible bUt i cant jUst sit there dO nothing!!!
a little milEs gOes a long way!!!

if u wanNa jOin mE & my friends,u can foLd sOme anD msg mE if u wanna pasS it tO me!
*jUst naormal small size paper will dO*
in advancE thankz a lot!!!
i just receievd an early "christmas present"...

in which this present will follow me for 1/2 a year...

never ever will i forget about this present...

cOs its settle in my lifE of path that i've tO walk...

a 2nd gReat dOwnfall i'm receving again!!!

never will my this christmas bE jOyfUl,pEacefUl again!!!

Part 7- Ways tO bE Happy

111) Surprise a good friend with a gift for no special occasion.

112) Remember your childhood dream. Maybe it…s not too late to start living them.

113) Many men owe the grandeur of their lives to their tremendous difficulties.

114) Remember that life usually offers lots of options for most problems.

115) Get this�Xbad things happen in everybody… life, not just yours.

116) Listen to your conscience. it was put there for a reason.

117) Purse job opportunities that allow you to challenge yourself.

118) Look for your healing to come from within, not from the outside.

119) Move to a foreign country for a year.

120) Go after all the things you want from every area of your life.

121) Vow to earn a million dollars during the next twelve year.

122) Say ‥good morning… to god everyday.

123) When you feel upright, try doing a few shoulder shrugs. simply lift your shoulders as high as you can and then release them.

124) To help you relax, get a CD of environmental sounds.

125) The secret…
allright a big mentally & physically stress weEk...
i'm perfectly fine now~
yesh I AM FINE~
nO worries guys!

i though by just keeping myself real real occUpy i can dun think sO much...
well that's just mentally~

bUt physically i'm real tired at the start of this week...

and add uP all the "gals things" + the ongOing trlp tO bangkOk + case stUdy tO do~
was really shack till finally today everything has endEd!!!
haven a sign of relive...

yet nOw i've tO worry for my sUpp paper result!
this time really scared,really have nO confidence in myself!

ya indeed sometimes i wish there are 72 hr per day!
cOs i've nO time for myself nOw let alone for others~
excluding my close friends lah!!!

~~~Attachment time~~~
sOri tO say,this is thE most nOt enjOying attachment~
what's there tO enjOy at IMH~
its just playing arOund,playing games which u've not tOuch for lOng with them...
get tO see "some things"
and 5 days is just enoUght for mE let alone 10 days!!!

i'm jus…
5 days of attachEment @ IMH~

gOing bOnkers sOon~
perhaps bEcause we nOt used tO the suRroundings~
and especially thE patient!

i can't disclOse anything sOri~
*but u can try asking me in persOn*

sEeing thE patiEnt likE tat,
wE alsO feel dePressed...
we alsO slan 1/2...
& lastly feel sad fOr thEm...
infact we can't dO anything!

wOndering whY are thEy likE that...
whY ppl can't accept thEm in reality...
a lOt of WHY in my minD!!!

although this attachmEnt is sUch a relaxing attachment,
play games,cOlouring,folD papers,excersise~
bUt mentally i'm real tired!!!
Day 1 Genting :

reach @ at 2pm~
quickly pack our things anD oUt tO Pizza Hut for lunCh~
thEn its shOpping timE~
spEnd a lot~yesh damn a lot!!!

@ night wEnt tO a pUb call 'Safari'~
nOt in thE mOod tO dancE sO sat dOwn @ thE tablE anD enjOy thE sOngs~
till arOund 1am+,wEnt arOund thE 1st wOrld mall thEre tO take a lot of plc~

thE gals


erhm what's the gUy dOing huh!!!

Day 2 :

gOtten get uP early jUst for thE free breakfast~
in thE end,we pay sO mUch went there jUst tO eat cornflakes~

allright,tiMe for OUTDOOR THEME PARK!!!
1st gamE : Flying Coaster --> fUn & exciting shiOk!
sUbsequent games were nOt bad!!!
had real fUn & real air~
its damn freaking cOld but i love it haa!!!

night~went dinner + sing competition for the Grand Final of PartyWorld @ Gentings!!!
not bad quite a nice 1...

Day 3 :
bOught breakfast for everyone,
thE guys will tOuched tat thEy dO a 'dUo yi wu' dance fOr Shulin jiE haa~
*of cos a fake 1 lah & plz gO train ur muscle more 1st lol*

i'm nOt bUbbly...
i'm nOt chEerfUl...

i'm more quieter than bEfore...
i seEms tO havE a lOts of things lOaded in my mind~

i'm tired...
i'm stress...
i'm fallen slck sOon... *hOpefUlly nOt*

will bE back blogging on my gEnting trlp sOon!!!
stay tUne!!!
i'm real real bUsy since David Tao's Concert...
nevEr beEn tat bUsy befOre till i really cant blOg~

sO only uPdate on my last SAT Davida Tao's Concert...
1 wOrd tO describEd : ENJOYING!!!*at least it keEp my minD frOm wandering ofF*

allright hE sUng a total i gUess arOund 40+ sOngs...
anD here are the plc i try tO toOk with my hp cOs of the restriction of camera!!!

frOm far

nearer image~saw the helicopter!

saw David tao standing beside the pianO~

hE's playing the painO

dUe tO my enjOyment,didn't really take mUch plc~
hope U guys likE it~

allright had a CVC excerise...
was liKE being cheated over~
all damn shagGed including lEcturer alsO lor!

and finally i gOt my JANICE Album bOught back from HK from Lucinia as a small gift tO me~
*cOs this albUm was not sold anywhere only in HK*
*MUACK* LoVE YA HEE and really thankz for thE albUm!!!

thls albUm all the sOngs inside,i give all my thUmbs uP hee~
nO matter cantonese,english or chinese oh gOsh~v.nice!!!

Janlce 1st Album

wEll actually i did …
i didn't havE a gOod slp last night!!!
although i'm sUppost tO get uP early,
i gOt uP early than expected cOs i'm wOrried & fearfUl!!!

i just felt that i always have a gooD sixth sense...
anD wEll i gUess i'm right...
althOugh i keEp praying that my sixth sense is not accurate...

wEll i tRy tO keEp my emOtion dOwn & calm...
bUt whEnever i thOugh of it my tEars is already at the brim of my eyes~

i wannA have a gOod hOliday~
i wanna enjOy davld taO concert~
i wannA enjOy my gEnting trlp~

bUt i gUess my mind will always be oN my sUpp papErs!

i've a f** unlucky day 25 Nov....

i fail my modules...
i fail my FTT...
what's more i lost my THUMBDRIVE...

WHAT THE .....
i cant bE anymOre unlucky than today liao!!!!
tml yes its tml....
result gOtten come out tml...
i've nv beEn tat scared cOmpare tO the previous...

cOs this time...
ya this time already ..... *i gUess only wE know*

aNd i heard 3032 Mental Health a lot of failures + did badly...
i dUN mind did badly jUst hope i can pass weLL...

cOs i dun 1 to ruin my whOle genting trlp...
i dUn want tO ruin everyone's mOod,
cOs i'll feEl bad,yes i will!!!

this 1 past mth after exam havE beEn wORking till nOw...
alsO cant say i didn't enjOy my holiday bUt i did let myself relax whilE wOrking...
i tRy tO keEp mysElf ocCupy frOm all thE things whiCh i sldn't keEp thinking...

i dUnno y jUst tat i felt i've lOst 1 pUzzEl...
i'vE lOst 1 v.gOod pUzzel...
no i sld say i've lOst,
JuST tat this pUzzel sUdden left mE fOr her happinEss...
i jUst can't gEt uSed tO having bOth of thEm ard...
i try bUt i failed...
i'm sOri!!!
Part 6 - Ways tO bE Happy

91) If you are going in one direction and it isn…t working, make a turn. Keep turning till you find the right path for you.

92) Start the healing process from right where you are now.

93) Spread all the good news that you can.

94) Never turn back when times get hard.

95) Face your fear, and then they will disappear.

96) Know that happiness is just around the corner.

97) Life is hard by the yard; but by the inch, life…s a cinch.

98) Don…t take the simple things in life for granted.

99) Buy a box of sixty-four crayola crayons and a new coloring book. and pretend to be a six-year old.

100) Love everybody!

101) Sit on a porch swing chatting with loved ones.

102) One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life.

103) Make a wish list.

104) Be childlike and take a trip to Disneyland or Disney world.

105) Make a wish when you see a new moon.

106) Take up photography, and take pictures of all your blessings.

107) Listen to a sad song and cry to release y…
i'm damn hAppy tOday~

cOs my driving has imprOved & what's mOre~
i'm always pRaying fOr a nicE instructOr~
anD sO far my 3 instructOr aRe v.nlcE & tOday onE's waS sOooo nlcE & gOod hee~
tat's y i'm ln a sUper gOod mOod tOday~

tat instRuctor was sO funny haa~
i wAs thinklng oF bOoking tat instrUctOr tO be my flx instrUctOr wahaa~
oH nO~i'm gOing headwlrE liao haa!!!

allright,mY oncOming weEk if finE,off tOday & tml~
gOtten havE a nice weEkenD tO enjOy ~
tat's SING~beEn lOng nv sing liao!!!
i'm gOing tO sing mY heart oUt tml wahaa!!!

uPdate on my plc takEn dUring wOrk *opS*
whEn bOss nOt in haa~bUt we still gOt dO our wOrk wEll hOr!!!

in oUr shadEs

mE & adRaln

mE with thE bIg blazEr

nO,plz dUn takE mE,NO nOoo

hOw i lOok in cOwbOy hat

oR hOw abOut the plnK 1 hee~

graCe wlth thE nEcklancE

or hOw do i lOok with thE nEcklance

*OPs* HAA~

p/s:dUe tO some prOblems of others plC unable tO uplOad,shall uPload the rest later haa!!!
i'm sO luCky tO have pAss the thEory trial tEst on 1st attEmpt~
wEll i gUess is my lUck~
bUt i gUess fOllowing oN Final Theory tEst is nOt tat easy ba~
^jIa yOu lol^

tOday wEnt fOr my 1st Pratical Driving Lesson
thE instrUtor was kInd enOught as nOt tO ask mE any qUestion at all...
1st timE sitting in the drivEr's sEat wahaa~
1st timE i can oN the engIne~
1st timE i caN stEp on thE clUtch,bRake & accEleratOr

of cOs mostly is 1st timE DRIVING wahaaa~
*yEah i'm mad*

oh ya bElow is an exclUsive blog fOr G.R.A.C.E.~~~~

Channel U Superstar Sebastier Wei Qiang *the Most yOungerst gUY* camE tO MS fOurskin~
bEfore hE weNt off,hE smiLE tO GRACE *in which i muSt say his smile iS sweet*~
gUess what happEned tO grAce~
hEr whOle facE was <<< AS RED AS A LOBSTER >>>
YeSH its as thOught thE gUy she liKE smiling tO her wahaa~

~~~~~~~~~~allright stOp here~~~~~~~~~~
{{{{{{{ NIGHT }}}}}}}
Part 5 - Ways tO bE Happy

71) Sit alone in a quiet room and listen to your heart. What do you hear?

72) Let yourself fall deeply in love.

73) Do little smiling exercises throughout the day. Look up & smile just for the fun of it.

74) When you feel stress, calm yourself down by taking slow, deep, cleansing breathes.

75) Look through a telescope, pick out the brightest star and make a wish on it.

76) Become a light in someone else…s world.

77) If you feel sad, picture your life in the future without the pain you are now experiencing.

78) Sometimes the best gain is to lose.

79) Watch your temper, because when u hurt, your temper may flare.

80) Nothing is all wrong. Even a clock has stop running is right twice a day.

81) Build a snowman with an especially cheerful face.Noboby can frown while looking at a happy snowman.

82) Think twice before making any huge confession to friends.

83) Hum a cheery tune as you work around the house.

84) Learn CPR maybe you can save a life!

85) Make the most of your ta…
had a tiring day...

1st day oPening FourSkin at Marina Sqaure...
*mUst freqUent oftEn leh althOugh i know its hard tO find the shOp*

Eddie tear thE red paper used tO wrapped the "FOURSKIN" wOrd signbOard oUtside...
thEn our sUpervision will rOll a pineapple from outside intO the shOp...
tat's means stand fOr "mOre $$ cOMe in ba* haa~
at least i'm the 1st one tO get tO view thE opening wahaa~

in shOrt~
today i'm a stEaming gal~
stEam all the tee,tUbe,skirts,blazer,cargO,bags & even cap~~~
stEam till my hand achE arggg....
*what's mOre accidentally i even stEam my own hands* >.<

allright what'S more tml...
i'll bE opening the shOp alonE in the mOrning...
pray harD i can oPen thE glassdOor *cos its giving some kind of trOuble*
pray hard tat thEre'll nOt be tOo many crOwds cOs the shOp now is actually 2 shOp together *with the wall knOck dOwn*
tat's y it will bE hard if only 1 me there!!!

shall get gOing in my dreams liao night!!!
My friend's happiness is minE~
althOugh she jUst free hersElf from onE bUt nOw she's bEing attacHed tO another one~
dOn't bE shOck if any of our clOse friends knOw it cOs well jUst nOw dinner was a bit of shOck ba~

bUt nOw i'm wondering sometimes is it a gOod thing that bOth this cOupel is Ur v.gOod.cLose friend~

oR is it a bad thing that thEy are a cOupel *u are alOne* and whEn thEy hOld hands walk tOgether,in thElr oWn wOrld while U're jUst walking bEside at the back or frOnt~

i've nO idea bUt i can bE sure that i'll nevEr gO out alOne with a cOupel cOs i hate thE feeling and well i gUess nOt tO be a big lampOst!

it'll only bE either mE & her, her & him or mE alone!!!

i'm sOri tO say i'm nOt implying anything bUt tO blog out how i feEl cos this feeling is once again back in mE again!

i really lOve hOlland village & thE Essential Brew Cafe
a thOusand aPologise that i really did nOt enjOy the dinnEr anD the time at the cafE!
tO be fran…
read hUl's blog & decided to do this since sEc havE nOt beEn dOlng thiS,bRing bAck the paSt and prob summarised wad i've been thinkin, doin ... and all about me! arhh. juicy lil bits eh? =P

1.Name(gender): pEili (F)
2.Date of birth: 4th Sep *muST Note dOwn lEh*
4.Blood type: O+
5.Height/Weight: tall/fat

6.Fave food: i eaT nOodle grOw uP lEhz
7.Hated food: garlic,oniOns ...
8.Fave artists: fOrever will bE Daniel Chan,JJ,Elva HsiaO,Cheer...
9.Fave genre:bOsanOva, pOp, r&b, sentlmEntal, jaZz *and the lIst gOes oN*
10.Hated artists: *eh cant think of it nOw leh*

11.Fave Karaoke song: Mei Li bEn nU rEn,bEl al dE nU rEn,KaO shU wO,dUl dE rEn *and the list gOes on fOrever wahaa*
12.First Love:16
13.First Kiss: whEn i was jUst bOrn wahaa~
14.Fave TV-show: eh nth i Watch what is nlcE
15.Fave flower : tulip / sUnflOwer / LavendEr / blUe rOse

16.First places I look for a person of another gender: tanned skin / nice halr / attltUde / nEatnEss
17.Fave hairstyle for a person of …
Part 4 -Ways to bE HAPPY!!!

51) Now is the time to empty your childhood piggy back & buy yourself a special gift.

52) If you have troubles falling asleep, spray a little lavender cologne on your pillow. It will help you to fall fast asleep.

53) Try to brighten up even the tiniest corners of your world. Place helpful quotes on pot holders, in a briefcase, and even on your steering wheel.

54) Carry your loves ones… picture in your wallets, so that you can look at them often when you feel alone.

55) The best cure for worry, depression, melancholy, brooding is to go deliberately forth and try to lift with one…s sympathy the gloom of somebody else.

56) Ask yourself what your hopes for the future are.

57) Learn to accept your shortcomings

58) What you cant change, accept.

59) Know that a trouble shared is a trouble split in half.

60) Using a stethoscope, listen to how strongly your heart beats even when its broken.

61) Believe that God has plan for your life.

62) Wear a pretty bed jacket to bed to…
<<<<<<<< HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY Elaine >>>>>>>>

althOugh u are not in spore now,still wanna hOpe U enjOy ur 22nd bday ok!!!

>>>>>>>> HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY JASON <<<<<<<<

starting jOurney of 21s,may it bE a smOoth one ahead!talthough u'll spEnd it in ur aRmy but anyway still hOpe u enjOy ur day!!!

)))))))) HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY KENNETH ((((((((

haa~welcOme tO the new clUb of 21st presldEnt kEnneth.dUn keep saying U are still yOung liao hor >.< U are nOt!!!enjOy ur day!!!
yEah sO happy...
got David Tao tic liao...

$140 heart ache

and yEah finally Musicforest having out 1st out of spore outing hee~
*i must be mad,bUt whO cares*
each and everyone of us are sOooo looking forward tO the trlp hee~
although the trlp is tO genting organised by Partyworld...
but at least we know it will bE fUn & exciting hee~
Dec 2,3,4 - wE are cOmlng haa!!!
back with mOre posting on a wOnderfUl weEkEnd

Sat was @ Orchard PartywOrld tO celebrate PJ & Francls bday...
fianlly 1 was 20th & the other 25th haa~

its was a mOre gals than gUys bday party~
it was alsO a wonderfUl cakE thrOwing day especially for Francls~

tUne in tO the plc bElow :rOund fOr PJ >.< sQuare for franlcs

makE a wlsh tOgether

cUt cakE cUt cakE

Charlie's AngEls hee~


dUe tO the lagging of blogger...
i guess the rest of the plc have tO be seen in my webshots6...

at night,we went tO marina sOuth for dinner...
sweaty & hOt but fUn...
bOwling was next...
heihei,wE wOn sO the lOser : HJ,kEl,Shulin have tO treat uS drink hee~
a v.wonderful & unforgettable day ^_^

tOday ran 3 birthday parties...
1st is delton *jasOn's they all army guys friend*
2nd is Kenneth
3rd is QingXiang

i mUst have beEn prO having 3 parties same day almost 2 same time...

heihei,taken @ the hOuse below
<<< HAPPY 20TH Birthday PinJi >>> -- enjOy ur day tOday ok!!!

i'm someone who treasure friendshlPs a lot...
every friends i've meet who have hit well with me,i'll really really treasure...
even my ex says that i treasure friendshlp more than a r/s...

i'm a sensitive & observate person...
a little action or meeting my new friends etc,i'll consider my friend's feelings...
every little things i dO,my friend's feeling will bE 1st...
trying nOt tO neglect he/shE when i'm with my friends...

till nOw whEn ever i drOp my tears,it will bE either r/s,sch result,stress & lastly friendshlp...

but sometimes i dUnno why...
why am i treated likE this...
i dun mind small jOkes/prank but i'll get angRy if it gets bIg...
and 1 thing i hate mOst is when u get angry and ppl still continue tO say U what's more its ur gOod friends *can u guys take it,i dOubt sO*!!!

i may pintch,hit my friends sometimes cos i know they are really my gOods friends…
Part 3 -Ways to bE HAPPY

31) Find a four-leaf clover for luck

32) Write to Santa & tell him how you would like your life to be next year at this time.

33) Open your windows and let some fresh air into your home
34)Spend one whole day being lazy

35) Tune in to your favorite television drama & be glad that you don…t have that trouble to contend with in your life.
36) Dress up to stay at home

37) Climb a tree. You…ll feel like a child again.

38) Give thanks for every single one of your blessings

39) Go sailing and feel the wind in your face, blowing your troubles right out of your head.

40) Experience is not what happened to you, it is what you do with what happened to you.

41) Tell yourself that it is good to get on with your life. Give up your feeling of guilt.

42) Give yourself someone to love.

43) Force yourself to greet each day with a smile

44) Know when to say yes, when to say no.

45) Surround yourself with beautiful things.

46) To relieve stress, try biofeedback.

47) Understand that one o…
well i'm back with my uPcomings...

was out tO shentOn way partywOrld on wed & fri tO support my 2 MF idOls haa~


Hong Jing

Xiu was PJ's friend

HJ & Xiu did nOt gOt intO the finals tOo bad...
bUt Francls got another chance tOnight...
hOpefUlly there will bE sOme gOod news cOMing from him *Praying*
bUt i gUess nO matter what the rEsults are,we'll always bE there tO support U guys...
and of cOs we are plannlng a trlp uP tO Genting with PartyWorld cOs of special prices hee~

oh ya and YEAH...

oCt a lot of 21st babies...
rUnning searching around like mad for bday presents...
+ the tic + the genting trip...
oh gOd i'm brOke...
i'm really brOke...
anyone care tO spare mE sOMe caSh...
it strike me that from birth till now...
that i've tO always do things dOuble than any other pEople...
cOs i'm damn slOw...

i'm always the last,the wEakest,thE mOst lOusy amOng my friEnd...
examplE stUdy,my PSLE till mY 'O's then nOw till pOly...
i'm always thE tOp fEw cOunting from the back...
anD really i'vE nO confidEnt in graduating my yr 3!

nExt singing in MF...
i alsO cant gradUate in that...

sometimes i jUst poNdER WHat kind of person am i or what catergory do i bElong tO...
whY i jUst always cant dO things wEll...

eVen i've my dReams,
i still nEeD To work dOuble tO fullfill it!

sometimes i really felt sO useless...
i dUn blame my parents or anyone...
i blame mysElf!!!

p/s:friends out there reading my blog,i'll appreciated it if u guys dun call,sms or ask me anything.
i'll be fine in a while...
i jUst wanted tO stay quiet this way...
my blog is the place where i'll always vent my anger on!!!
Part 2

16) Want to look and feel better? Go on a diet to lose any excess weight.

17) Be strong, be brave, and take control of your life.

18) When times get really hard, learn to live moment to moment.

19) Spend 15 min a day learning a foreign language you…ve always wanted to speak.

20) Even if you don…t like it, put on a big smile. It takes fewer muscles to smile
than to frown!

21) When you get to the end of your rope, make a knot and hang on.

22) Order a gift for yourself from a mail-order catalog & Look forward to its arrival
23) Try to view your life as one big adventure.

24) Learn to laugh at yourself.

25) Attend a fashion show & pick out a fabulous new outfit.

26) Cry on ur dad or mum…s shoulder

27) Call a long-lost friend. Old friends are often the best friends.

28) Make definite plans for your immediate future.

29) Rearrange your furniture to create a fresh home environment.

30) Look for the angles among us.
was oUt almost 1/2 a day singing with my sEc sch friends...
cOs ZX was gOing arMy soOn mah,sO cOMe lets gather!

p/s:plc uPload in my webshots 4

really enjOy singing wlTh u guys hee~
hopefUlly next oUting is plannlng sOOn...
*almOst forgot about our ladies night right*

oh ya...
i'm obessed with another HK actOr nOw...
actually i've know about hlm,find hlm gd-lOoklng...
bUt whEn anNe was tOklng about him...
oh nO,i really find he's really gd-looking...
same as lOuis hee~
he's nOne others than "Duncan"
*and well i gUess HK gUys are really gd-lOOklng,hee*

haa~i gUess gals likE us gOlng mAd sOon...
sO hee~i've link both of thEm tO under my links...
anyone can gO take a lOok hOohOoo!!!

p/s: anNe dUn drOol lEh hee~

215 Ways to Cheer Yourself

i'll gOlng to post 1st 15 uP here then subsequently pOst the rest uP...
hOpe its really dOes hElp cos from the 2002 of it,i chOse the one which is pOssible in dOlng haa~enjOy!!!

1)Throw a party that people will be talking about for years

2)Count up all the miracles that have taken place in your life so far. Know that there will be even more to come.

3)Take a chance and get involved again in life.

4)Sing your blues in the shower and let the water wash ur trouble away *at least for a few relaxing min*

5)Learn to enjoy being by yourself, so that u will never feel lonely again.

6)Focus your attention on the good things in your life and not on the bad things.

7)Go snorkeling to get a different perspective on the world.

8)When it snows, make a snow angle to remind urself of the guardian angel who is always looking after u.

9)Sing your favorite hymn & concentrate on the deep, spiritual meaning of the song.What does it mean to u? How does it relate to your life?

10)Buy …
1st happy thing tO share...

finally lol...

2nd sad thing to share...

damn,my brO got dengUe fever...
stuPld moSquitOe...
since last weekends,
tat's makes me bUsy till tOday...

hOpe hE recovEr fast...
hopE his platelets incRease fast...

tml mOre busy day...
gOtten rUn 4 places again...
hOspltal,tOwn,clara's hSe,hUlxlan bday party...

pray haRd i'm strOng enOugh & allright...


i felt like a small princess haa~
i had an well unforgettable 21st...

to be more sincere,
i guess i better thankz 1 by 1 who...

Daddy's side:All my relatives + cousin!

Ah Gong & Ah Ma
Mummy's side:Aunty,uncles

and my cOusins!






Those did not came but with presents:Elaine,Weilin,Seng,Wenda,Grace & Hubby,MeiYun,Aaron,Zaf,Nurani,RulShan & Da Jie.

And of cos nevertheless,my DADDY & MUMMY~
fOr being sO busy throughout...

thankz Shulin Jie for helping mE tO do the meni/pedicure~nice nice hee~

anyone i mlss out,i apologise anyway thankz for maklng thls 21st pOssible!!!
Once again,thankz everyone!!!

~~~~ Lovely Presents ~~~…