1stly *a real BIG bday hUg for my 3 buddies*
*Elaine* * Jason** KennEth*
same old things i gotten say,sO u guys know it thr my heart can liao =p

next :

im not gotten waste my today precious wkend off~
as i gotten be on noon shift for the nx 2 wkend~

sO went on a retail therapy with Mike~
suppose tO acc him but in the end,i spend too~
my aim is just tO get tat vintage bag~
but sad,its sOld~
and i just have to cheer myself uP by getting a cheapO bag~

yesh we cOmb the whOle town area~
from far east to wisma to taka to heeren to cine~
to PS to Cathay and lastly back to cine/heeren~
we just walk rOund and rOund & zZzZ

but sometimes not too bad to shOp with a guy cos haa~
they'll help u to carry things~
as much as we'll both tired~
we still decided tO catch a show~
but the show 'Brothers' was so-so only~

omg and LOUSI KOO next mOvie will be uP soon~
anway wanna bOok me for his shOw =p haaa~

next 2 wks shedule s***~
cos it obstruce me from attending my chlO bu's 21st~
but no worries gal,no matter what,i'll still flydown =)

glad tO hear my dad is allright,yup for those who know ya~
no op needed,just some physiotherapy =)

last but not least,watch STARSEARCH TMR~
and support my friend Yeo Weilie,he's cute~
*although i know no calling is needed*

sleep tight everyone gd nitz!!!


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