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Miss USA fell~


Miss Japan Universe~
majOng @ Grace house ytd~
hmmm,a small MF gathering =)

lUck was with me all the way~
i won big on just 3 games after so many rOunds~
wao,i was lUcky~
and within my 3 winning games~
i 'zi mo' all heihei *grin grin*

learn mUch more in majOng & i'm addicted~
anyone care for a majOng sesslOn haa =)

DATE: June 1st

Cost: $16 per pax

Peeps on the invitation list~

1) Me
2) Bryan
3) Jasmine
4) Junrong
5) Heri
6) Fendy
7) Koon teck
8) Jessica
9) Dale
10) Yixiang
11) Violet
12) JiaHao *after work*
13) Joanne *after work*
14) Joey *after work*

gals & guys cOming dOwn tO my house~
plz meet 1pm at sgoon central =)

HeY HeY~
Fourskin pEePS~

see im sO goOd,nOt belng abLe tO slp in the nitz~
am thinking the next oUting~
*enJoy mOre & spEnd less*

have a few sUggestlOns in mind~
sO u guys plz vOte ok!!!

1) Gather @ my hOuse or any voluteer hOuse for our 2nd SteambOat
*but tat limit to the number of ppl*

2) BBQ at ECP

3) Wahaaa~PICNI @ hmmm maybe ECP again *ahaaaa*

4) SENTOSA WALK AROUND *not tanning lah*

5) Chalet *hmm,i guess tat's impossible*

6) Escape theme Park *kind of impossible too wahaa*

allright peeps,tat's all~sO vOte ba 1,2,3,4,5,6.......
or any suggestion,let me know!
if everything goes smoothly~
we can have it on 1st,2nd or 3rd June!
lalalala claO!!!
hmm a little update on myself~
i'm still slacking~


sld say still awaiting for calls~
for interview~
damn waited sO long~
hopefully gD news will fall on mE!!!

i'm plain stUpid BORED~
staying HOME for 3 consecutive day~
can anyone date me wahaaa~
*my bf is shaking head for guys*

i wanna go swimming~
i wanna go tanned~
i wanna go rock-climbing~
i wanan go cycling~
i wanna go "BLOW-WIND" at ECP~

and yesh,i'm gOing mad sOOn *bOnkers*

my hOuse is undergOing another changes~
change of deity~
change of fUrnitures~
change of rOom cOlours~

why not have a change ofMEtoo *bleahz*

lastly im HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY =)
*bEfore halr cUt*

^Shuli's 21st Birthday^

was surprise tO received her 'thankz u' card~
as i help her out in her bday chalet etc~
hmm,reminds of my 21st *2yrs* agO lol!!!
*how times flies*
*aftEr halr cUt*

~HulShan 19th bday~

i guesS i've play enOugh~
ever since i graduated last nOv~
till i wOrk in a retail shOp until now~
keep applying for SIA in btw and keep failing~
i'm just plain tired~

its time tO get really serious~
its time to think for myself & families~
i'm the eldest of all,bo pian~
under pressure i am~

finally dOne with my application tO SGH~
hopefully i'll be shortlisted~
hopefully i can meet their requirement~

cos i've no idea what to do next if i fail again~

god bless!