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its enD of sEp again~ holy mama~
im wOrking dOuble shift on mOn~
7-12 fOllow by 1-830~
indeed mOn blUessss~
and so tmr my shedule is........

and next weEk the energy im gOtten pUt in is......

bOught my benefits prodUct~
freaking hEll ex~
but hOpe it dOes wOrk on my panda eyes~

'Balls of Fury' is nice~
u guys gOtten watch~
nitz peeps!!!
let's be a bit wordy today!

sometimes i wonder weather not wearing a uniform is a good thing or not~
lots of friends always though i'll be wearing my uniform out shOpping with them~
i was like oUch~plz

even if i'll to work wearing my uniform~
after wOrk,it'll bE a nOnO unifOrm!
i feel sO uneasy walking ard tOwn in those uniform~
especially feeling sO unhygience~
and sometimes i cant help feeling how other nurses are ablE tO do it!
*rOll eyes*

i sld feel lUcky that i need not wear uniform tO work~
cOs i wOrk in the baCkstage where few ppl see~
but sometimes its still a hassel of wondering what tO wear~
cos i cant dress too sloPpy like shorts,ppl still lOok *sign*

in fact i love wearing scrub rather than uniform~
uniform are sOoo tight till somewhere ur zip gotten burst~
scrub are sOoo comfortable haa~
let alone the shower cap,loOks so ugly haa~

lOoks blUeeeie in the new uniform~

everyone has been asking me~
how's wOrk~
it seems like my answer was just 'erhm ya fine'
cos they expe…
5N2 5N3 Class gathering

its Mummy Birthday =)

just back frOm gRand cOpthorne hOtel~
attend a sEc friend Commissioner Dinner~
place, fOod & ambience was thumbs uP =)

the gUys dOing thelr line dance
the dOor glft ~

the gals on the same tablE i got tO know =)
date fOr the nitz =p

aim't hE smart lOoking =)
its always hard to trust.......
and i meant tat the diffference bwt.......
i dun wish to explain anymore~
did u feel a little bit shaky~
a little bit wobby~
a little bit here & there~

i feel it~
its the 1st time i feel my house shaking~
even my house padlock was shaking~

the earthquake is worst this time!
let pray together nothing happened seriously~

7th mOnth is over~
sO its time tO work even harder~
more ops cOming uP~
just when u dun expect any more things~
another surprise pOps uP~ =p
my sGh gals =p

when we'll meeting for supper,
they suprise me @ my hOuse =)
its swt thankz gals~
*and grace's brO*
the pretty drEss & my fave tatty bEar =)
^nltz @ Alley Bar^

^a day oUt with the skln-family^

hand-written movie tic,seEn befOre haa~thankz gOd its not much tO write!
a million THANKZ for the bday celebration to my prl,sEc,MF friends~
be it a simple dinner,ktv surprise,i still appreciate that everyone forks out the time~

a simple THANKZ from the bottom of my heart to those whO sms me,call me~
and those who leave their wishes on my friendster~

a sweet THANKZ to U 'A' for the din,movie & prezzie~
and alsO to cs whO always nv fail to send me a bday card every year~

wishes for this year~
nia,no more or just a simple wish that everyone be happy =)

im mentally tired liao~
im disappointed in....
i guess its time to....
cos it has already reach my limit!
Another happy birthday song~
Super,just what i need~
another candle added on the cake~
another wrinkle added to my collection~
another step towards being ......

but perhaps growing old is a fabulous thing~
i've gotten to know myself better~
i've broken a few rules,a few bones and a few hearts~
and i've learnt that i cant pleased everyone~

just like anyone else~
i've my worries on the aging proces~
in which certain things are unavoiable truths about growing old~
so better planned things way in advanced!

i cant dres like im 21 forever~
but sure,its impt to feel young~
and live like i've got all the youthful vitality in the world~

fabulous and lastly one more thing to look forward to next year~
another year older!!!

^ My 23rd with my Fabulous Sec bestles ^

the 'Miss Spore 2007' card is the best of all =)
ppl,find it out in the plc hee~

^Bday dinner with MF friends ^

more gathering tO come~lastlyHappy Birthday to Myself =)