Heading towards Germany now ~
1st stop - Cologne (Koln)
Located within the Rhine-Ruhr German's largest metropolitan region ~

I felt like I'm in a Roman town ~
The tallest and widest Gothic Church which blows me away!
Its the first time I need to stand a thousand steps away just to squeeze the whole
church with the twin spiral into my picture!

Through TripAdvisor, i managed to found this local restaurant
Gastwirtschaft Lommerzheim in Koln!
When we arrive outside the restaurant, we felt like the smallest persons walking through 
their pub and down to the underground seated area ~

I simply cant rave how good is the food!
From the continuous serving milk glass of beer to their starter to the main course!
I have not tried anything like this before hence when the starter was served on 2 toast
of bread, I smell and look at the serving of chopped onions (I hate onions) on it.
The moment, I had a bite! Oh gosh...the meat was raw and amazingly onions was sweet.
Goggle the name Metthappen which stated as "raw minced pork in a rye roll"
My reaction was...wah, I have not eaten any raw minced pork in my life and this is seriously good!
While, i was thinking if my tummy can accept this raw pork, I literally finish 3/4 of it!
and yes, I tell myself, I'm going to try this again if i'm in germany!

Main course was as good as the starter.
Pork Chop was their popular main course here. Knowing the huge portion,
 we decided to order one and shared! The meat, the salad, the slices of onions was 

Rewarded with a beautiful dusk after dinner!
Oh, it was so beautiful!

One of my to-visit list among so many castles in Germany!
Tucked deep into the forest is one of the most magical castles.
This medieval castle was built in the 12th century and has been owned by the same family for over 850 years. The castle was named after the stream Eltzbach, which in old German Els/Else is the name for Black Alder a tree that is found along the river. 
Eltz is one of only three castles on the left bank of the Rhine River that hasn’t been destroyed over the centuries. Construction started in 1157 and building lasted 500 years, with ongoing maintenance to keep the castle up. There are over 100 rooms in the castle for family members, staff, and guests.

This is the most difficult Castle to access ~
We walk / trek for around 3hrs to and fro just to get to and leave the castle!
Tho the scenery was very nice but under the scorning sun! It was tiring!
So think twice on driving before coming to Eltz Burg!
But well at least it didn't disappoint me! 

Thank you Koln!
You have really been very sweet!


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