6/6 life

It was not a bucket list but a to do list for lets say 7 years ago ~
Something which i avoided for years ~
Ever since i watch the 'final destination', i always had this impression of 
being left on the lasik op table and not knowing what to do ~

(we had to have a specs selfie at our workplace first)

Finally on the 11th May, pluck up my courage with my twinny and go ahead for it!
We had this plan out few months before. 
I never had problem with any infections of my eye because i took really care
of my lens (i cleanse them before and after daily) ~
But then yes, its a bothersome to always got to ask friends to help to buy contact lens from thailand ~
(im using Maxim colour lens which is cheaper in thailand)

Another is travelling ~
Yes, i travel often and its really troublesome to count my daily lens usage for my trip and 
the bottle of solution to bring on. 

People wonder why i dont go to SNEC since i'm a singhealth staff ~
But then the waiting time and the op usually wouldn't be the same day!
Hence, since highly review that Eagle Eye was good, why not!
Initally, we though its just a few hundred dollars to get the top notch lasik eye surgeon at EE but
on the day itself, i guess his schedule was busy and we were assigned with another surgeon
but hey, Dr Harold C was so friendly and patient! Explained every little details pre and intra-op to us. 

Initally, i wanted a Epi-lasik! 
But in the end, i op for the bladeless lasik as it recover faster tho 
there are always pro and cons between this 2 procedures. 

(right after op & post op day 2)

(This is Dr Harold Choi, very nice, patient and charming eye doctor, haha)

I wouldnt want to go thur the details of my op here (anything can ask me)
but well, 1st POD was bad, i tear and swell my way thur the night ~
that i had such puffy eyes the next day! But well today is the 4th POD and 
im doing good so far! 
Eye Sight has not really recover fully but almost 75% of it ~
and im really satisfy with the result!


Cheers to a clear vision and 6/6 life form today onwards!


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