Day 5, 6 & 7 : Patreksfjorour / Isafjordur / Hvammstangi

After spending two days in Snaefellsnes, its time to move on to the other region.
Pass by this town Grundarfjorour which gives us a perfect view of the Mount Kirkjufell ~

 Mt Kirkjufell (463m) is a beautifully shaped and a symmetric, free standing mountain on the northern coastline of the Snaefell’s Peninsula to the west of the Grundarfiord Bay. It is a save challenge for mountaineers with some experience despite some fatal accidents in the past.To its west is another free standing mountain, Stodin. Both mountains are totally severred from the peninsula’s mountain massif. It was also being called "The Sugar Top" ~

Decided to op for a ferry ride from Stykkisholmur to our next destination in Patreksfiroi ~
I was rather surprise that the ferry could hold up to quite a lot of cars and its kind of "hoping the cars wouldn't scratch among each other by parking so near,almost 5cm or less apart only"

 The next 3 hours on board was bore hence we entertain ourselves, had ice cream and sleep ~
Not forgetting the view on board is pretty good too ~

If you have seen a map of Iceland, you already know the most striking feature is the dragon's head poking out of the northwest. That region is call the Westfjords, Europe's westernmost area are Iceland's best kept secret  ~
Be it tour group or individual, seldom people will head to Westfjords during winter time as the route is impassable and often covered up by snow. Since we are here, why not, its a one time experience as long as you check the route daily before setting off for the other town ~

After landing at Breidafjordur, a short 30min drive and here we are at Patreksfiroi ~
Stekkabol Guesthouse!
This is a very homely guesthouse and i fell in love with the "Words World Map" hanging on the wall.

We even head out to the shipping port to chase the sunset ~
oh gosh, its really beautiful!

The next stop on the way to the region's capital, Isafjorour.
Isafjorour is a town in the northwest of Iceland. It is the seat of Ísafjarðarbær municipality.
With a population of about 2,600 Ísafjörður is the largest town in the peninsula of Vestfirðir (Westfjords) ~

We spotted this bakery while collecting our guesthouse key ~
Stepped into the bakery, the aroma bakery smell is so good that i fell like trying all the pastries ~
Tummy was growling a bit hence we decided to pick a few and had a quick bite ~
Usually im not a very 'pastries' person, but these pastries are calling out to me that i've to be back tml morning again before we head out of westfjords ~

The nice lady at the counter introduce us a fish restaurant and said that its a must try in iceland ~
Hence we decided to check it out and had that for lunch the next day before leaving the westfjords ~
To our surprise the fish restaurant (Tjoruhusio) turns out to be the best meal in my life in iceland ~
We cant help but keep raving about it throughout our journey, haha!

 Tjoruhusio restaurant at the maritime museum is all about fish. There is no menu; the waiter just tell guests the fish offered, depending on what the fishermen caught earlier in the day. The interior is an old setting with wooden tables & chairs, beautiful lightnings and colourful cushions ~
I must say their Iceland's chef really know how to feed their people ~

Initially we ordered Plaice & Catfish, it was so good we decided to order the last catch, codfish!
The fish, the sauce, the potatoes, the veggies was so so so so so good oh especially the fish cheeks ~
 By far, our most enjoyable and best meal of all!
*Can i request for them to come to Singapore and set up a restaurant here!*

Leaving Isafjorour with a heavy meal and heart and on our way to Hvammstangi ~
On the way out on this particular one and only route out of westfjords that is always covered up by snow and sometimes become impassable ~
Luck was not on our side, heavy snow storm covered up the whole road, we could barely make out where we are even with the direction yellow pole at a side. The snow totally covers up those pole. We came to a stop (not once but twice) when we felt that the snow is swallowing us! Omg, we prayed please, we don't want to die here nor going down to push the car out!
While the snow crane was busy shoveling away the snow from the roads, we were kind of relieve while having the heavy heart for almost 30mins.

Finally we are out of the danger ~
Its a good experience but no don't do this often ~
Holmavik is town we pass by and i always wanted to visit this town as it is an area with an exciting and tragic history of witchcraft, witch-hunting and sorcery ~
 A museum consist of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft is located in the center of Strandir region ~
The museum takes us into a tour of mystical world of the supernatural and how their history of witch hunting in the 17th century as well as the various aspects of people who knows magic still lives in every part of Iceland ~

Checked into our guesthouse for the day, Nedra Vatnshorn ~
This guesthouse is along the ring road and out of Hvammstangi hence we were a bit confuse but well, we had the whole house to ourselves again *yippie*
Up till now, from this trip, i realise fridge is not much of a use.If you want to kept your food cold, just leave it in your car, i bet it does the same purpose during winter ~
*you wouldnt want to know what happen to our car next morning*
The location is a bit out of the way hence we decided to stay in and cook and finally on the 7th day, we get to watch TV!

till the next post !


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