Day 11, 12 & 13 : Seydisfjordur / Hafnarnes / Kirkjubaejarklaustur

We had a fabulous breakfast especially made for us by the homestay lady, best breakfast ever!

Moving into the east area!
Set off for the next waterfall ~
After an hour ride and half an hour of walking in, here we are at Dettifoss!

Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe that blew me away with it sheer size & power.
A waterfall so fierce and wild. The milky colour was due to the fact that the massive river 
was fed by the sediment rice meltwater of the vast Vatnajokull glacier.

Iceland is a mother nature earth ~
Here we are at the Hverir @ Krafla. Hverir is an area of hot springs, mud pots, fumaroles 
and other geothermal oddities. Once you are near these mud pots, the smell of the 
suphur may get one dizzy but you will get used to it and get better. On a closer look at this pretty bubbling pot, the steam vents and boiling mud, we are indeed one step closer to the mother earth.

We managed to reach Seydisfjordur before the night falls. 
Oh my, this place feels like im in Swizterland! Facing directly opposite 
mountains. We had the whole apartment to our selves, its party time!
Addition to it is the awesome hydro pool where we soak in the pool with
beers, chips and caught shooting stars!
Life is great!!!

Moving into southeast of Iceland, you wouldnt fail to notice the splendor of Vatnajokull!
It is the glistening white crown of Vatnajokull National Park; 
the biggest nationa park in Western Europe.

Firstly, we stepped into the charming fishtown of Hofn, the capital of lobster *yummy*
How can we not try them!!!

*lobster spring rolls*

One of the most iconic sights anywhere has to be the Jokulsarlon Glacial lagoon in 
the Southeast island.
Nowhere else can you see huge chunks of glacial ice floating around alongside inquisitive seals. 
The pristine white & crystal blue ice is streaked with black memories of the past volcanic eruptions.
Beyong the unlikely but impressive sight of the suspension bridge over the ice, the iconic black sand
beach is strewn with blocks of ice and behind the lagoon, of course is Europe largest glacier, Vatnajokull!

Walking up close and personal with the crystal clear thousand-year-old ice, forming hauntingly
beautiful natural sculptures as it slowly melts into the sea. An experience that i won't forget for life!

We embarked on to day 13th. Another favourite waterfall on my list.
This time we need to hike again but well it was all worth while. Did you know iceland water are pure,
that we can all just drink from its tapwater directly. So does the waterfall. Whenever you feel thirsty while hiking, just get to the riverside and take sips or gulp or river water down. Its so cooling.

In the East region, signature attraction is their Skftafell National Park. Hiding inside this national park is a black falls. It attributes to the darkness of the underlying basalt columns. The columns of Svartisfoss were such a distinctive feature that it has aspire to the icelandic architecture.

Had our stay over at this Geirland Hotel ~
Small but nice!
Pop by the nearby waterfall to relax!


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