Day 3 & 4 : Snaefellsnes

Heading west for the following day using their Ring Road 1 to our next destination - Snaefellsnes. Ring road 1 is their national road that runs around the island and connects to most of the inhibitant places in iceland. Some of the popular attractions are all nearby the ring road. Well but you never know what you may see if you travel out of the ring road. 

Pass by Borgarnes and had our lunch at the Coastal Settlement. Borgarnes is a small town on a peninsula at the shore of Borgardjordur in iceland with a population of 2000. As we all know that Iceland is a fishing port hence seafood is the best and fresh *i love seafood* so we would always order catch of the day as part of our meal.

After the rest stop in Borgarnes, we venture out on Road 54 to our 2 days stay at Kast GuestHouse. Perhaps its winter time, not much of tourist hence we got the whole "cabin" to ourself. Kast was a pretty simple cabin / place and they are expanding. Super duper love the back view, backdrop of the mountains ~

We woke up to snowing, omg! Yes, its my virgin seeing snow, haha! Cant help feeling excited!!! Play with the snow, our backdrop of mountains, stunning! 

Done silly things when you can now, in my slippers and jacket, i ran out into the cold of 3degrees to freeze my skyr *iceland famous yougurt* into the ice, =p

It hiking day in the national park itself, hence we decided to pop by Arnarstapi & Hellnar. Arnarstapi is like a dead town, not a single soul when its suppost to be weekday, isnt it? No cafe was open and perhaps if you wanna take a leek, it would be hard to find a washroom.

To make it worst, when we decided to hike hellnar, we bump into hail storm. Another bad experience strike off. The wind was gusting, we couldnt walk, had to head back to car as there was totally no shelter, the hailstone hit us hard onto my face, its painful! Decided to give it a miss and headed to the national park.

As we enter the Snaefellsnes Penisular National Park, renowned for its unique nature and the volcanic glacier Snaefellsjokull (part of the NP with same name).

After a short drive in, we arrived at Djúpalónssandur and Dritvik. There are many beautiful beaches in iceland. Beause the coastline is so varied and sometimes the beaches lie close to town and village. Djupalonssandur is a dark pebbly beach that lies at the foot of Snaefellsjokull, west of iceland. Originally, they were the most inhabited fishing villages, but today it is barren. However, remnants of what used to be can still be seen, like the remains of the old Grimsby fishing trawler which was wrecked on the beach. Those huge stones we seen on the beach are lifting stones. In the past, it was used to test the strength of the fisherman to qualify working on the fishing boat. While Dritvik has a cove suituated there since the 16 & 17th century for storing fishing outfits.

Aren't we lucky or unlucky, we came face to face with another hailstorm. But this time we realise its not hailstorm but graupel (also called soft hail or snow pellets) because its not painful and to be adventurous, we had it capture down *wink*

Pass by a saxholl crater, decided to give it a miss too since it looks kind of dangerous to climb although there are steps provided. Out of the national park, we came by this place, Sjómannagardur (Fisherman’s Museum) in the village of Hellisandur about the way of life of the fishermen in the past.


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