Here we are standing at the end of another year 
the beginning of a next ~

Looking back through my blog over even the past years, 
reminded of the ups and downs and the adventures this year has brought.

There is this clarity in my life i have never felt before.

2014 was a kick-started for work ~
Promotion, lots of events, programmes and conference has been lining up for me ~
 It had me set goals and that i could meet them as well ~
It opened me up and gave me confidence in myself to chase what i wanted to ~
The next training programme im super duper looking forward to will be next year held oversea!!!

As the year has stretched on ~
I have seen so many amazing things this year and i couldnt be more grateful.

From Iceland, my childhood dream accompanied me with the northern lights,
to Myanma, a place in asia which was not even in my list,
 to Japan, climbing Mt Fuji with good experience....
i would never have dreamed it all ~

This year has been a blessing in ways i still dont think i understand and 
there isnt a moment i have not been thankful for ~
 I feel overwhelmed at times by all the amazing people i have met,
the places which marks off from my bucket list,
and strangers that become best friends just as easy as, 
best friends that become strangers ~ 

So as this year closes and we go into New Year, 
I want to say how truly thankful I am for all of you following me on this crazy journey.
This year holds huge goals and
 I am ready to be more fearless creatively than ever for next year!
2015 is going to be good,
 I feel it =)

P/s: and now im going to spend the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 with a BLAST!!! 
Flying off tonight!!!!

Wishing everyone a Feliz Ano Nuevo ~


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