There isnt a country in the world immune from stereotypes ~
Everyone form opinions about the places and their inhabitants 
based on whatever they can glean from ~
Hence, asking how would i described Japan ~
 The results on a thread would be very positive ~

Not only me, im sure a lot of people would be able to list a lot of positive adjectives about Japan ~
 Before jetting off for Japan, i wasnt sure what kind of mindset would i get from Japan but deep down i know it should be a good one. 

To be humble, i was a polite person hence, i was surprise that the Japanese was way above me.
I must admit Japanese culture has taugh them well and im really impressed.
Their traditional Japanese bow, respect, kind and polite-ness was really thumbs up ~

All along, i though ranking of cleaniness wise, Singapore was tip top of it!
Yes pretty much surprise again, i guess Japan was another rank on top of us.
I couldnt find much rubbish bin in Japan and indeed, i couldnt find any rubbish on the ground too ~
Yes, to my low knowledge, Japanese would usually keep their rubbish with them or throw in a 'plastic carrier' with them till they are able to see a bin.

Talking about hardworking, i guess the awards should hand over to Japan again ~
'Karoushi' - death by overwork is a word i learn from a friend in Japan which classified Japanese hard-working title.
Once in a shopping mall, i saw a young girl was sweeping the floor, i was taken aback!
My friend told me: 'Japanese takes pride in whatever job they are in and not lowly look upon"
Yes, once again i salute Japan!
(*secretly wish Spore was like this too but i doubt so)

I think i can rant on and on about Japan,
yes on a sad part is the radiation that everyone is afraid of ~
But well, seeing so much of the good stuff/things in Japan ~
i guess, you will be saying, "what are radiation?"
 This trip has inject a lot of surprises for me ~
To be frank, my love for Japan has shot up ~
Yes, i love their culture, food and every little things ~
and Yes, i will be back in Japan ~
Prefecture Japan!


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