Our next destination is SwanSea ~
i love the sound of the breeze in my ear ~
facing the ocean,
with a new breeze blowing with a world refreshed by freedom
Its a happy day because there are flower petals
in the breeze look like a butterfly flapping its wings =)


We plan the itineary well as we though there was no fantastic food in Swansea
and we though there was no cooking utensils for a cabin but it turn our to be
a real surprise! So in the end, we need to clear our food and here you go ~



Have been waiting for Oyster feast for breakfast ~
but oh well, again was disappointed with it ~
not as fresh as we expected it or have our standard rise?

Freycinet National Park, Wineglass Bay!

Finally  im suit up for some treks ~
The trek up was actually a lot more easier than Torres del plain,
hence i shouldnt be complaning or neither am i complaning about it!
I love the trek up, and the wind hitting in my face  =)

Love the broadway way at the Cape of Tourville Lighthouse ~
So much of beautiful photo to capture there ~

The Cape Tourville Lighthouse is an unmanned, automatic light,
lighthouse built in 1971. The lighthouse replaced the
Cape Forestier Lighthouse which had been situated on another
jutting off the Freycinet Peninsula known as Lemon Rock.



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