Cradle Mountain / Cataract Gorge

I have always been looking forward to trek Cradle Mountain~
Hence i was quite disappointed when we arrive super late at the
trekking site and couldnt really trek but took a bus and went
straight to Dove Lake!


Next day, we went to Caratact Gorge which is just beside our apartment!
It is a walking / hiking trails and with the World's longest single span chairlift ~

The chairlift covers some 457 metres, with terminal buildings at the First Basin
(West Launceston) end and idling station at the Cliff Grounds side (Trevallyn).
The central span of 308m is believed to be the longest single chairlift span in the world.
I do have a fear for heights but lucky for the slow speed of the chairlift,
enables me to appreciate and photograph the views!

Follow on we had our lunch at Raspberry Farm!
The raspberry farm serve delicious raspberry products such as
chocolate dipped raspberries, or rich creamy raspberry ice cream.


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