recently there has been many RTA accident ~
be it either my friends or others ~
fault? sometimes it just doesnt lie on one party ~
no matter how cautious are you on the road, 
there is still the 'unlucky' times when your luck was super down!

same goes for me, nearing the last day of our nz trlp ~
we had an car accident too ~
the impact to me was so great *even airbag was activated* that i shiver non-stop ~
thank god, we are all safe except i had a contusion on my leg ~
never once had any accident in sgp yet this happen in nz ~
its really an experience =p

but all thanks to the kaikuora people who are super friendly and nice ~
they make sure we are fine, called the fire engine, tow truck & ambulance too ~
am also grateful to the kaikuora police officer who send us to pick up our stuffs and also back to our hostel ~

p/s: friends, pls do drive carefully and be safe on the road!


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