i love to look at lakes ~
 its so beautiful ~
 so crystal clear blue and calm ~ 
here are some of the lakes i've seen in NZ ~ 
(photos are taken by your truely)

Lake Wakatipu
this is the longest lake in NZ ~
it is one of the location for the fliming of Loch Ness & LOTR

Diamond Lake
its so foggy that i felt im in heaven ~

Lake Tekapo
this is the best place to star graze at night! it totally perfect ~

Lake Pukaki
its a lake you defintely need to stop and look ~

Te Anau Down
our first rainbow ~
you'll never get so much happier seeing a beautiful rainbow ~

Lake Mapourika
this is one of my fav lake =)

Okarito Lagoo & River
this isnt a lake but it's still as beautiful


redlomo said…
mmmmm.... great view and great photo 2
karEn said…
thank you =)
Kelvin said…
Hmmm, i can't enlarge the pics...is it just me?
karEn said…
just click on the pic will do! unless u r viewing it from mobile then i doubt can enlarge!

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