2nd July Sat
i had a bUsy weekEnd tat makEs me a bit stress oUt now cos even i'm blogglng nOw,i've not even pack my bag for tml sch start damn...

early mOrning on sat went NUH to visit Jackson again...
hE's muCh more better now *thankz gOd*~

after tat went dOwn tO tOwn to get my new hP model 3230~
need tO faster trade in my Panasonic X70 *although i hate tO cos i still lUv it* cos its gOlng crazy sOOn...
take a new lOok at my new hP~

next dOwn tO Sembawang,Grace *MF* hse tO celebrate Weilie Birthday & alsO Joey farewEll *she's gOlng LA to study*
wOw~Grace's brOther daniel cOok us dinner which was sOoo delicious *thankz daniEl*

after din,decideD tO play games in which loser drink vOlka~
in the end,out of 10 of us almOst 8 of us went halr-wire wahaa~
but it was fUn =)

*sO nOw lets get ourselves drunk again next sat @ the chAlet & its party + clUbblng tlmE yOhOOo*


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