Negligence in Japan ~

I'm usually a very cautious traveller ~
with all my stuffs etc...
never once in my trips to the europe, US, aussie or 
any other countries (except japan) that i drop my valuables ~

Been to japan 3rd time ~
And yes, i lost my valuables 3 times in Japan due to my negligence ~
My hp, my SB mug & recently my wallet ~
(some kind souls manage to return my hp & mug to me)

I though i drop in my friend's car : NOPE
I though i misplace it on the shoe rack when removing shoe in the GH: NOPE
In the end, i drop it on the street while running back to the GH in the snow ~
It was actually being pile under the snow storm overnight!

I had a bad day due to my snowboarding,
 i skip the morning session just to call back the cc company &
i lost all my yens! (Can you imagine how much yens i still have and 
this is only the 4th day I'm in japan)

Couldn't master my right toe to heel turning
and had a few falls onto my back and painful tail bone,
fogging of my stupid goggles and i tear like shit ~
Thank god for Christopher (my instructor) who was patient with me enough ~

Just wanna express my thanks to the owner of Matsubaya Guesthouse,
for retrieving my wallet for me. Tho i never get to meet you except
your wife, but still, i'm really grateful for it.
To all the kind souls, that retrieve my valuables back to me.
Thank you so much!


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