End of 2015

Time flies ~
and the NY will be on us faster than a cape-wearing man flying in tights ~
It’s somehow at the last 2 days of the year, which means it’s time to 
start finishing up for what is on your hands and prep for the new year ~

Experience and time changes the way we look at things ~
Attitude and trust changes the way we look at human beings ~
I guess at this age, we loses friends more than we make new ones ~
But still, the true one stays ~

2015 is another exciting year ~
Reflecting a year which i spend it overseas backpacking in the South America ~
One bucket list down that enrich me with so much of travelling ~

A year i have been looking forward to getting this HMDP award ~
and travel out of my comfort zone to another country for training ~

At the same time when our father of Singapore pass away ~
I never knew that i que up for a whole night just to thank him in
that couple of mins for everything that he has build for us ~

Follow on by X 2 BKK trips with bestie then family ~
when the whole MERS drop a bomb in Korea which postpone our family trip ~

Later part of the year was busy ~
First time volunteering in F1, excited and super tiring ~
But hey, it was fun meeting lots of people and learning from them ~

Ah gong's leaving was not predicted ~
Sadness in the eyes when i was scrub up for case upon his depart in the night ~
Rushing up to the ward only to know the last office was done ~

Diving trip was cancelled but im glad that the trip to Tasmania was
awesome! Suppose to be a solo trip become an awesome tri-ples trip =)

Back to back a last min Hainan mission trip was so wonderful ~
as a virgin medical mission trip, im sure i gain a lot of experiences from it ~

But well, when everything was right on target ~
something always trigger ~
I had a gift from Santa maybe to punish me for travelling too much ~
This gift will follow me on till next half of the year ~
I was almost crushed ~
I teared daily at this gift ~

But to come to think of it, there's no turning back ~
I can only be optimistic and get better soon =)
Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose ~
The world is how big you want it to be,
and always just see the world as this small Singapore world.

2016, A new year is the time to think, plan, dream and
motivate myself to accomplish things i may have never thought possible.
To a better HAPPY 2016 NEW YEAR ~
To a better ME ~


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