Iceland is a mystical and beautiful destination ~ 
I had dream of heading to iceland,
when i first saw the music video of a taiwanse flim there ~ 

To me, Iceland is labelled as a place with lots of ice ~ 
Never the less when i did my research on it ~
It 'wow' me a lot, 
almost half of my bucket list was strike off when im there ~ 
Iceland is home to the mountains, waterfalls, geysir, lava fields,
 black sand beach,volcano and the Northern lights!!!
my jaw dropped and my heart skip many beats!

I was pretty excited for this trip ~ 
never had i heard that much people had visited iceland before ~ 
Getting gear up, looking at windbreaker, down jacket,
 trekking shoes, heat pad etc etc ~ 
omg, i was almost going crazy looking at the amount of stuff to get ~

Months of researching and discussing with my travel buddies ~ 
that day had finally came ~ 

*to be continue* 


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