as much as i love tulip ~
how can i miss out this event ~
tulipmania ~
*was a bit disappointing as the tulip was still blooming*

well, yes i didnt know tulip was rank no.3 in the world ~

i love spring ~
because i can see tulip ~
but well not in singapore ~

Tulip is easily recognise &
the meaning of tulip is generally perfect love ~
tulips come in many diff colour ~
which will brighten one's day ~
Hence the different colours of tulip carry different meaning ~

Red Tulips - Declaration of true love ~ 
Pink Tulips- a symbol of caring, attachment (not as strong as love, like the red ones) and good wishes. They would be appropriate for a friend or family member ~

White Tulips- representing purity, innocence, forgiveness and respect, they would be a great flower for a wedding or to give with an apology. (Cream-colored tulips are closely related and have a meaning of commitment.)

Purple Tulips- symbolizing royalty (as purple has long been known as a royal color), this color is often used for brides bouquets on their big day. Purple also symbolizes rebirth, therefore being the perfect color for spring.

Yellow Tulips- their meaning has evolved over time from representing hopeless love, to a more positive meaning of brightness and sunshine. Perfect for smiling, happy occasions.

Orange Tulips - Energy & enthusiasm

Cream Tulips - Forever love

Variegated Tulips – symbolize beautiful eyes because of their gorgeous color patterns, perhaps making the perfect date flower.
 but well ~ couldnt get to see so much tulip ~
but the others beautiful flowers brighten up my day =)


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