was clearing up my messy room today ~
and wonder how did i manage to keep buying and keeping all this stuffs 
since the 90s

my whole rack of cds + vcds
*and this is just 3/4 of it*

im an old school person ~
i value scribbling on letters,sending cards rather than gadgets ~
but of cos i cant deny i do like the present IT technology which is faster =p
these are the years of my keeping ~

i've a dream when i am still a teens ~
i dream i become a dolphin trainer ~
that's how i was so into dolphins during sec sch times ~
i even do research, paper cuttings, borrowing books on dolphins etc...
got to know their diff breeds, names, habitat etc...

last but not least ~
everyone do chase idols, right?
same goes for me!
and my idol is daniel chan =p
i swear i've almost every of his entire album ~
*oh gosh, allright except for 1 or 2 cantonse & the latest album*
i went to each and every of his autograph session when he's here ~
and here today i realise i've 3 files and 1 sketch book on him alone
with all the paper, magazines cutting etc etc etc...
can u imagine that haha!!!!
at times i feel like giving them away cos i find it very wasted to throw away =( 
anybody likes daniel chan as much as i do and wish to take over ?? =p


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