running has become a routine or should i say hobby or just a way to keep fit for me.
everyone runs,be it long or short distance or just even chasing the bus when you know you are late for work.
i started my first run with Standard Chartered in 2007.
but it has never occurred to me that i can join marathons and run till today.

i admit i don't train regularly for my run but at least i don't complain that my workload is pilling up that i dun even have the time to run.
maybe just a 30mins short distance run as compare to you sitting in front of your laptop and facebook without anything done!
or maybe just a 30mins run could get your work done even better after that, isn't it great?

sometimes i ask myself what do i exactly run for?
for a medal, for an achievement, for health?

some people says that they find it very foolish and waste money to pay just for a run.
ask yourself, do you get up everyday to run or perhaps once a week?
do you put aside all your complaines of workload and tiredness to run?
and lastly do you get to run with so many runners on a sunday morning and which motivates yourself?

while others may say, every marathon will bound to be a collapse case of a runner.
why do you paid so much to run, suffer and die in the end?
so i ask you, if you will to die in your sleep, 
do you still want to sleep now?
you didn't pay to suffer and die in your sleep do you?
perhaps you can pass away peacefully this way while a collapse runner may felt that at least he achieve something before he collapse during the recent collapse case of a 21 yrs old athletic.

in running, i get to have a clear mindset, inner peace, fresh air *except for the odour of sweat* and get to see cute guys *ops, that's not the main point*
and its always never too late to run =)
^ mini achievements for 2011 ^


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