let's be a bit wordy today!

sometimes i wonder weather not wearing a uniform is a good thing or not~
lots of friends always though i'll be wearing my uniform out shOpping with them~
i was like oUch~plz

even if i'll to work wearing my uniform~
after wOrk,it'll bE a nOnO unifOrm!
i feel sO uneasy walking ard tOwn in those uniform~
especially feeling sO unhygience~
and sometimes i cant help feeling how other nurses are ablE tO do it!
*rOll eyes*

i sld feel lUcky that i need not wear uniform tO work~
cOs i wOrk in the baCkstage where few ppl see~
but sometimes its still a hassel of wondering what tO wear~
cos i cant dress too sloPpy like shorts,ppl still lOok *sign*

in fact i love wearing scrub rather than uniform~
uniform are sOoo tight till somewhere ur zip gotten burst~
scrub are sOoo comfortable haa~
let alone the shower cap,loOks so ugly haa~

lOoks blUeeeie in the new uniform~

everyone has been asking me~
how's wOrk~
it seems like my answer was just 'erhm ya fine'
cos they expect more exciting stories from me since im in the OT~
or perhaps in this 3mth i've seen tOo much till im numb~

i've been assisted in the
obsterics & gynaecology,
endocrinology, Gs,
orthO, Ent, pAeds &
plastic surgery

its always nice to see a new born in gynae=)

but when u break ur leg or hip in ortho,dun cOme screaming~
& i hope i dun break mine cos i dun wanna listen to all the drilling & knocking,terrible!

as for ENT,thyroid case another terrible thing cos u already feel soar in ur throat and yet
another pain on ur neck,sad man!

paeds are all just small little case sO no worries,although sometimes u'll feel the heartache when they cried like slao!

lastly plastic surgery, dun understand, just loOk at ur age liao and still wanna do a face or eye lift up or lipo suction and make urself un-walkable for 1 week....

im still v.keen in going into the renal, cardio and neuro side!

i've finish my normal intubation~
finished my assisting in spinal,epidural,caudal ~
mOving on to the CVP & aterial line~

happy thing is my prObation will be over soon,in early Oct lalala~
sad thing is, work has been strangling me down till i cant breath sometimes~
walking ard the OT like a zombie,no expression no laughter,stress!!!


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